Orthodontics aims to correct the irregular position of teeth and jawbones. Thanks to many studies and to the development of new solutions, this discipline offers sure results in reply to aesthetic needs. Among the various solutions, the studio offers the Invisalign technique, based on the use of invisible, progressive aligners, and the Damon System. The latter, besides maintaining the beauty of a smile, offers faster results compared to most common orthodontic systems.
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Dental implants are small titanium pillars that are placed in the jawbone to replace the roots of teeth. Once they have been fitted in the bone (endosteal), it is possible to fix the mimetic dental prostheses. When the clinical conditions allow it, implants and prostheses are attached in one same treatment session (immediate loading). The studio uses the 3D implant systems and software for digital diagnoses, treatment planning and guided surgery by Nobel Biocare, a worldwide renowned company in the field of aesthetic implantology.
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Cosmetic dentistry

Our smile is responsible for approximately 70% of the appearance of our face. For this reason it is important to pay special attention not only to the masticatory functionality but also to aesthetics which can increase the whole face’s beauty and harmony. The solutions offered are many and range from the application of veneers (thin ceramic shells that cover the tooth and eliminate flaws) to laser teeth whitening to restore radiance and whiteness to both live and devitalised teeth without harming the enamel.

Sedation dentistry

To facilitate difficult dental procedures, but also upon patients’ requests, Dr. Testa avails of the collaboration of anaesthesiology and reanimation specialists of the Marienklinik anaesthesiology clinic in Bolzano. Assistance is granted directly in the studio and includes a preliminary interview and the presence of an anaesthesiologist both before and after surgery. Thanks to this service, it is possible to perform the most difficult surgical procedures/prosthetic works in one single treatment session.

Osteopathic support

The human body is a complex system where well-being is also the result of a harmonious interaction between each of its single elements. In a holistic vision of the patient and to help restore a correct physiology also through a careful postural assessment, the studio has been collaborating for many years with Michele Censi – osteopath, physiotherapist and owner of the Centro Osteopatico Riabilitativo (Osteopathic Rehabilitation Centre) in Bolzano.

Dental care

Dental care maintains the oral cavity healthy and, in this way, helps avoid complex pathologies and treatments. Dental care requires information, regular check-ups and a customised treatment. Because of this, a first visit is followed by a schedule of appointments (from two to four times a year) for dental cleaning to remove plaque and tartar with specific equipment. At each visit, the normal techniques (such as the correct use of dental floss) for a correct oral hygiene are also illustrated.


No treatment can be planned efficiently without a previous thorough case study. Consequently, to obtain all the useful information, the studio is equipped with extremely advanced diagnostic equipment, such as the 3D X-ray system for volumetric CT scans and the complex data processing systems (such as the NobelGuide System). These systems make it possible to build virtual models for the creation of precise customised treatment plans based on the actual needs of each patient.

Customised treatment plan

Each single element is an integral part of the whole oral cavity. Based on this concept, after a complete check-up of the oral cavity and the identification of possible pathologies or flaws, it is possible to draw-up a customised treatment plan aimed also at the prevention of problems related both to the bones and gums. Check-up dates, their duration and the choice of the different solutions available are discussed with the patient to adapt the treatment also to the patient’s personal needs in terms of time and travel arrangements.